We guranteed the accuracy and efficiency of our products.No worries about lagging your business.


With the improved technologies and infrastructure the performance is higher in our products.


Add a touch of personality with a special flavor. Colors can be easily changed predominantly but also specifically where you want.


Among many reasons, what makes Accio so special is the long time experience in the field.
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Ideas to Reality...

We’re focused on designing and developing awesome applications and solutions for our Customer's desire.We deliver actually what they need, sharpning with our professional experience.

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Gorgeous designs

We’re designed gorgeous applications with very simple and responsive way. We guranteed the user friendliness and attractiveness of our products.

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Modern and effective coded

When it comes to development, using latest standards and most modern tools, we’ve developed a healthy workflow which makes us code using the best practices principles.

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Help when in need

Wether you’re an expert or a beginner, our support team will do its best to provide the best possible and helpful answer for the issues you’re having.

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Customer oriented

Every functions and interfaces are designed according to Your's requirement. We're aligned with agility.


Web Sites & App Solutions

We develop Web sites and Web appliacations with latest & durable technologies.

  • Web Sites
  • Web based applications

Mobile App Solutions

We deliver your idea into mobile app with latest mobile app development technologies.

  • Android App
  • IOS App

Standalone Solutions

If you have a small scale business, this is ideal for you. We develop best customizable application.

  • SE Applications

Hardware Solutions

We have many kinds of hardware solutions which ideal for different types of businesses.

  • CCTV Camera installation
  • Intercom Solutions


We're Sri Lankan Software Company with a higly reputated name all over our customers. We have best expeirienced developers & technicians.

  • Web Solutions
  • Mobile App Solutions
  • Standalone Solutions
  • Hardware Solutions